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Capitol Hill demonstration demands immigration reform

“Reforma si, redadas no” (“reform yes, raids no”), and “for a just and human immigration reform” were some of the slogans chanted as thousands of immigrants’ rights activists poured onto the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol.


United Health Group declared a ‘crime scene’

As one of many reform rallies targetting  insurance giants across the country, Connecticut Health Care for America Now declared United Health Group a 'crime scene.'


EPA to probe weed-killer’s links to cancer, birth defects

In another break with Bush administration policies, the Environmental Protection Agency says it will investigate the health effects of one of the nation's most widely used weed-killers, atrazine.

Senate Dems want more states in on benefits

Senators are demanding more compensation for their states.


Schumer: Thompson will become mayor of NYC

New York City's mayor's race heats up with important endorsements.

Labor rejects Calif. tax proposals

Wall Street heaps praise on pro-business tax proposals.


New bridge symbolizes river’s rebirth

An important envirnomental project is completed in Washington state.

Hometown to Glenn Beck: This is a hate-free zone

Glenn Beck's hometown unites against hate.


Michael Moore's 'Capitalism' is labor of love for working America

On the year anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers, filmmaker and slacker hero Michael Moore gave a gift to working America: an explanation of what happened.

In short: capitalism happened.


A wind farm in Pa. fuels green-collar union jobs

EBENSBURG, Pa. -- As the G-20 Summit prepares to open in Pittsburgh Sept. 24 to deal with global capitalism's severe economic crisis, labor journalists from the International Labor Communicators Association visited some 15 area work sites to investigate the economic conditions for working people here in western Pennsylvania.

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