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Atheists know more about religion than believers says poll

 A study released September 28 by the Pew Research center says atheists and agnostics know more about the world's religious faiths than believers.


Hysteria over Islamic center claims first victim

New York City taxi driver Ahmed Sharif was stabbed in the throat by a passenger, apparently for the sole reason of being a Muslim.


Iraq/Afghanistan vets give support to Islamic center

Veterans call Islamic center near Ground Zero "about as pro-America as one can get."


Islamic center has broad support in New York

"This is a center like the 92nd Street Y or the Jewish Community Center," Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf said. "It is meant to have programs to serve the community."


GodBlock inspires controversy — among atheists

One would expect that religious people would be offended by new "GodBlock" software that removes Biblical references from children's computer screens - but  atheists  don't like it either.


Clergy: Our country needs immigration reform

National religious leaders have announced a new mobilization that will deliver over 100,000 postcards to members of Congress urging them to pass immigration reform.

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