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Time-off-for-voting: Some states require it, some do not

The laws vary widely from state to state, even for presidential elections.


New Ohio poll: Trump plummets 12 points among union members

In a speech to more than 400 union members today in Ohio, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka will drop a major finding from internal polling.


Congressional Black Caucus gives Hillary Clinton the Phoenix award

Obama said that as President, Clinton will continue the progress he made in health care, better education, reforming our justice system and raising the standard of living for millions.


South Florida labor and community host citizenship workshops

Ahead of the November elections, a coalition of labor and immigrants' rights groups is helping South Florida residents become naturalized citizens.


Despite court ruling, North Carolina right wingers try to suppress voting

Voting right advocates in North Carolina are fighting county by county to prevent voter suppression in the upcoming November presidential elections.


Today’s photo ID laws are yesterday’s beans in a jar

"I can still recall the first time I saw what state-sanctioned discrimination looked like."


India-born Pramila Jayapal, a fighting progressive, wins Washington State primary

As a Washington state senator, Jayapal championed protections for immigrants and minorities and voting rights for all, and for a raise in the state minimum wage.


Courts block some voter suppression laws

Right wing efforts to suppress the voting rights of minority groups have hit roadblocks in North Carolina, Wisconsin, Texas, North Dakota and Kansas, but the fight is far from over.


Member-supported Workers’ Education Society registers St. Louis voters

"We are trying to challenge the cynicism; we are trying to register, educate and activate, while also building a base."


“How can we get 64 million low-wage workers to the polls?”

Poverty-income workers and their allies gathered to strategize on how to mobilize the 64 million workers who earn less than $15 an hour to go to the polls.

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