Video: "From Wisconsin to Washington, stand up for jobs, workers' rights and peace"


NEW YORK - The CPUSA held its First Annual Conference in New York City, today, April 16. Opening the conference was Communist Party Chair Sam Webb, with a speech entitled, "From Wisconsin to Washington, stand up for jobs, workers' rights and peace."

The speech, along with Webb's introduction by People's World co-editor Teresa Albano, was livestreamed via UStream.

To watch the speech, click here, or scroll down.

Photo: (Teresa Albano/PW)

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  • The working class of the United States,mimicked its brilliant leaders like the mentioned Mississippian and CPUSA leader Henry Winston,the Georgian Lawyer and Communist politician Benjamin Jefferson Davis Jr.,the superstars(who championed the "nobodies who were every-bodies), like civil, women's and worker's anti-racist,activist,Elizabeth Gurley Flynn,anthropologist,linguist and lawyer Paul Leroy Robeson,the inimitable historical novelists,troubadours, cultural giants,Shirley Graham Du Bois and husband W.E.B. Du Bois,showed its true colors of recent date,with the creative,organizational and direct action explosion from Wisconsin to Washington(states).
    Once again,as the above leaders consistently reminded us,the working people,both as individuals,and especially as organizations,showed themselves as the true heroes and heroines of the planet.
    As the burgeoning anti-racist labor leader and president of the AFL-CIO,brother Richard Trumka reminded us,no organization,not organized labor,not any Obama or Democratic organization,no environmental,not even any peace organization, called for this flood of justice,rushing in like water,from a mighty stream.
    It is these networks,this initiative,beaming with unity and vitality, that must be solved for us to complete the unity,harnessing this unity, for victories for the whole working people for the future.
    Let the lessons from this real life example of all working class unity be drawn and replicated,duplicated and expanded.
    It is this spirituality that we wish to develop to continue "Gandhi" and "Martin Luther King" moments- so that these forces of "Wisconsin to Washington" rule the whole country-North,West,East and especially South-it is this which is at once the Souls of Black Folk,the Soul of the United States,and that lost Soul of the native peoples of the Americas.
    Paradoxically,it is modern industry which has given rise to this great movement in all its rottenness,corruption, political repression,decadence and systemic mass murder of war.
    Prophetically, (especially from W.E.B. Du Bois)it is the working people, ruined and ravaged by war,racism,repression and imperialism,with their many allies,which will overcome, with the help of the organization of the persecuted like Winston,Flynn,Robeson,the Du Boises and Benjamin Davis Jr.-The Communist Councilman from Harlem-the CPUSA and its new initiatives.

    Posted by E.E.W. Clay, 04/18/2011 1:41pm (4 years ago)

  • The audio and picture is outstanding. There may appear to be many avenues in this expanding era of new media in politics, but it leads to being inclusive or exclusive as a party; once a check mark is placed in one of those boxes, then the road will become clearer in the steps necessary to a bountiful future.

    Posted by RDC, 04/16/2011 7:38pm (4 years ago)

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