Video: Union thunder in Wisconsin

madson harleys

MADISON, Wis. - They came in with a roar. Bringing union thunder on Haley-Davidsons. Motorcycles made in Wisconsin by union workers.

The bikers rode in on the day before May Day to show support for public workers and to protest Republican Gov. Scott Walker's slashing, anti-people budget proposals. Union members, seniors, students and farmers joined them in a fighting, festive mood.

As one of the bikers put it, "This is a pep rally for tomorrow's May Day march in Milwaukee. We are reclaiming May Day for all working people. May Day was made in the USA. It was a fight that was largely led by immigrant workers in Chicago fighting for the eight-hour day. We're fighting in Wisconsin and all over this country. It started here and we won't go back till democracy and union rights are restored in our country."

Thunda round the Rotunda 4-30-11 from Scott Marshall on Vimeo.

Photo: Scott Marshall