Video: World support for Mexican miners

CHICAGO - Last week, thousands of workers around the world protested the Mexican government's attack on unions, especially Los Mineros (the Mexican Miners Union). These demonstrations were coordinated by labor federations and unions from the U.S., Canada, Europe and Latin America, and took place in 35 countries, including cities across the US. (See video below from the Chicago action sponsored by the United Steelworkers.) Thousands of letters were delivered to Mexican Embassies and consulates demanding that the government of President Felipe Calderon end violations of union freedom, stop repression of workers, prosecute those responsible for the Pasta de Conchos mine disaster that killed 65 miners and stop the persecution of the Los Mineros union.

Many also took note of the developing actions in the US against union busting in Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana.

Also in Mexico City last week, the SME (Mexican Electricians Union), the CNTE (the education workers union) joined Los Mineros in a whole day of demonstrations that tied up traffic throughout the city. Los Mineros also marched on the headquarters of Grupo Mexico, the mining transnational and the teachers marched on the Department of Public Education.

Los Minores demo Feb 19 2011 from Scott Marshall on Vimeo.