Welcome to MundoPopular/PeoplesWorld translation bureau

Thanks for offering your language skills to build a people's world!  We need YOU!  Right now, MundoPopular/PeoplesWorld Translation Bureau is primarily English/Spanish, but we definitely welcome people who can translate into English or Spanish from other languages as well.

In order for us to best use your skills and experience, please let us know the following in an email to owilliamson@peoplesworld.org:

1.     What is your first, strongest or mother language? (Ideally, you should concentrate on translating into that language.)  How much education have you had in your first language?  Have you ever done any writing or translating in that language before now? (Don't worry-even if your writing isn't pro-level, our editors can usually polish it up!)

2.     What is your second language?  How fluent are you in your second language?  How much education have you had in that language? Have you done any writing in that language?  Have you ever done any written translations into that language?  Or are you equally skilled in both your 1st and 2nd languages?

3.     Have you ever worked as a professional or workplace translator or interpreter?  If so, in what languages? How much experience do you have?

4.     How much translating can you do per day, week or month? (One article a month? That's fine! One article a week, even better. An article or two a day, four or five days a week, best of all!) News goes stale faster than fresh bread, so what is your turn-around time for an average news article? (If you don't know, pick a sample article at random from PW/NM and see how much time it takes you to translate it into the other language.)

5.     Do you have any specialized knowledge, education, experience or vocabulary that you can use to translate? Do you have experience as an activist or organizer that might help you translate articles on political themes? Can you translate legal, medical, scientific or theoretical terminology?  Do you have special experience with any particular country, city or region that would help you translate news reports from there particularly well?

6.     Can you proofread either English or Spanish? (We have a particular need for skilled Spanish proofreaders.)  Would you be willing to team up with another translator to proofread each other's writing?

Please e-mail us at owilliamson@peoplesworld.org and let us know when you can start!