What your donation to the People's Weekly World does

It takes money to deliver the kind of working-class oriented news and analysis that the People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo does.

We are glad to have volunteers who write for and promote our web site (pww.org) — and print editions.

But there’s still a lot of overhead. And we do not get corporate advertising to pay our bills.

It costs close to a million dollars a year to produce the PWW online and in print.

That’s a lot of money for us. May not be for AIG or Bank of America, but for working class people and organizations — it’s a lot.

When you break down the costs, here’s what you get for your donations.

With $10, you are paying for a reporter here in Chicago to get to and from two picket lines or rallies on the subway or bus.

With $25, you are helping to pay for sending a weekly e-mail headline alert to readers.

With $50, you are paying for a complimentary subscription for a prisoner or an international solidarity sub.

With $100, you are helping to pay for postage to guarantee that 250 readers get their subscription renewal notices on time.

With $500, you are covering a year’s dues to enable the PWW to continue being part of the major national labor press organization — the International Labor Communication Association — and benefiting from membership in the labor-focused Press Associates Union News Service.

With $1,000, you are helping to pay for a significant portion of our new PWW web site, the 21st century’s “printing press,” to be launched later this year.

In the first few weeks of May — responding to a letter from the editor, and through May Day/Cinco de Mayo ads, phone banking and local events — you helped raise $30,000! Thank you.

It puts us at $64,135 raised so far in this year’s fund drive — leaving $110,865 to go to reach our $175,000 goal — and that’s just a portion of what it costs to produce the PWW. So don’t delay. Donate today.

Three easy ways to donate:

• Online via PayPal:


• Direct credit card payment: (646) 437-5355

• By check or money order:

People’s Weekly World, 235 W. 23rd St.,

New York, NY 10011