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Cuban exiles linked to Mexican gangs

A scandal is brewing that connects rightwing Cuban exiles in the United States with violent Mexican drug gangs trained by the U.S. military. The story first broke in the leftwing Mexico City daily, La Jornada. On June 12, 33 undocumented Cuban immigrants and four Central Americans were picked up by Mexican immigration authorities. A gang of armed men held up the bus transporting the immigrants and kidnapped them.

South Africans pledge solidarity with Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF party held a widely condemned election on June 29 in which the opposition dropped out because of widespread violence and intimidation. The African Union on June 30 joined the international chorus in rejecting the outcome. South African President Thabo Mbeki is mediating a “power-sharing deal between ZANU-PF and the opposition Movement for a Democratic Change.

Colombia: hostages freed but troubles remain

The July 2 liberation of hostages held by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) was welcomed by world leaders, ranging from U.S. officials and French President Nicolas Sarkozy to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who earlier negotiated the release of six hostages held by FARC.

World Notes

Leaders of India’s left parties and India’s governing United Progressive Alliance are at a stand-off over the Indo-U.S. nuclear deal. Left parties have been meeting with UPA’s Congress Party and its allies to overcome the impasse. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, after securing the support of one of Congress’ old foes, threatened to take the deal to the International Atomic Energy Agency, a move that would force the left to withdraw its support for the UPA. Left parties oppose the nuclear deal for a basket of reasons, including, they say, it would undermine India’s long-standing independent foreign policy and make the country a “junior” partner in the Bush administration’s drive for domination of Asia.

Extreme weather to increase with global warming

As John McCain campaigns on a pledge of increasing greenhouse gas emissions by launching new offshore oil drilling while at the same time refusing to make caps mandatory on emissions by big polluters, new government data indicates that the effects of global climate change, caused by greenhouse gas emissions, are intensifying.

World notes: June 28, 2008

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In France, undocumented workers strike for rights

PARIS — Undocumented workers here have done what was once considered unthinkable. Starting in mid-April, they have organized a series of strikes and work stoppages. In some cases the workers, many of whom are African, even occupied their workplaces.

African unions urge action on Zimbabwe

Labor unions from southern Africa have called on the regional Southern African Development Community to send peacekeepers to Zimbabwe to ensure presidential elections take place democratically.

Nepal goes from Hindu kingdom to secular democracy

Millions of Nepali people live in abject poverty but the deposed king is widely believed to have a fortune invested in tea, tobacco and casinos. That, plus the fact that he seized absolute power and imposed an autocratic, military rule, means most Nepalis are glad he’s gone.

World notes: June 21, 2008

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