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Cuba: Weathering the storms, from Gustav to Ike

A little report on the TV just updated the situation in Guantanamo. The entire province is without electricity. Cuba has a policy of turning off electricity and gas, as a preventive measure to prevent short circuits and even fires in walls, once sustained winds reach 60 kph.

Colombia scapegoats left opposition

Peace in Colombia, seen as humanitarian exchanges of prisoners and negotiations with guerrilla insurgents, took a hit recently with the government revving up a smear campaign against leftists. With approval ratings allegedly approaching 91 percent, President Alvaro Uribe is preparing for a second unconstitutional reelection bid.

Afghanistan: Protests grow over civilian deaths

New protests erupted in Afghanistan this week as the number of civilians dying during U.S. and NATO attacks on insurgents continues to soar.

World Notes: September 6

Gaza: Aid, solidarity arrive by sea Switzerland: Inequities kill India: Children die in drug trials Honduras: Joins ALBA, defying Washington Canada: Big gains for union women Cuba: Social security changes

Washington's echo in Iran

As Iran struggles to win the confidence of the West to head off a military attack, the ordinary people of the country struggle daily with rising prices and growing unemployment.

Victory for womens rights in Mexico

Women’s rights groups and allies celebrated Aug. 28th after Mexico’s Supreme Court voted 8-3 in a landmark decision to uphold a law allowing abortion in the country’s capital, Mexico City.

Opinion: Olympic follies and triumphs

To run a full marathon experts suggest that the aspiring athlete requires at least six months of rigorous training, proper gear, a particular diet, regular check-ups, mental focus and preparation, and a variety of gadgets depending on one's budget.

WORLD NOTES: August 30

Indonesia: Strike at Nike supplier Peru: Protests spread Iraq: Regional help will expand oil production Kenya: Prisoner transfers exposed Cuba: Controlling migration through Mexico

Musharraf resigns, Pakistan hopes for better days

There were celebrations throughout Pakistan after President Pervez Musharraf resigned Aug. 18. Jubilant crowds gave out sweets and congratulated each other for the democratic victory, one daily newspaper, The Frontier Post, reported.

WORLD NOTES: August 23

Iraq: Who controls contract workers? Poland: Missile defense deal signed Mexico: Voters resist oil sell-off Philippines: Autonomy delayed Liberia: Unionized rubber workers gain Bolivia: Cuban doctors attacked

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