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World Notes: Kenya, Thailand, Egypt, France, Colombia, Cuba

Kenya: The Dandora waste disposal site serves Nairobi's four million people.


Color in Cuba

Cuba is the only country where blacks and mestizos have the state and government as allies.


Conservative presidential candidate takes Chilean vote

Presidential and congressional elections on Dec. 13 were bad news for the Chilean left and working class.


Class conflict surfaces at climate summit

Half way into the 15th UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen on December 7-18, 100,000 demonstrators from 500 different organizations were in the streets protesting.


Terrorist activities surface as anti-terrorists are sentenced

Critics of the resentencing this month of three of the Cuban Five prisoners in U.S. jails focused once more on U. S. "double standards."


World Notes: Russia, Nepal, Israel, Uganda, Venezuela, Cuba

Nepal: World's highest cabinet meeting sends message on global warming.


Former guerilla wins Uruguayan presidency

In a runoff election on Nov. 29, José Mujica won the presidency by a 52 to 43 percent margin over former president Luis Alberto Lacalle of the right wing National Party.


Two Cuban Five prisoners are resentenced

A federal judge in Miami has reduced the jail time of two more of a group of five Cubans who were given draconian sentences in a controversial and highly politicized 2001 trial.


Iraq bombings tied to political power struggle

As Iraq set national elections for March 7, massive car bombings in Baghdad were assailed as terrorist efforts to restore dictatorship.


Polish president attempts ban of communist symbols

Anticommunist hysteria in Poland crossed the boundaries of common sense long, long ago. Recently it has crossed the boundaries of absurdity.

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