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Workers witness Venezuelas Bolivarian Revolution

In late November, Chicagoans Beatrice Lumpkin and her husband Frank, a retired steelworker leader, traveled to Venezuela. The mountains of Venezuela rise steeply out of the warm Caribbean Sea. We drink in the startling beauty of this South American country as the bus starts its steady climb up to Caracas, the nation’s capital.

Haitian government releases defiant priest

The Haitian government finally released Father Gerard Jean-Juste on Nov. 29 after imprisoning him for six weeks on trumped-up charges. A judge ruled Nov. 19 that there was no evidence to support government charges against him of inciting violence and importing arms.

Equatorial Guinea in the crosshairs

News Analysis Imperialist conspiracies to seize control of natural resources and to dominate peoples of distant lands are in full swing. Apart from the Iraqi debacle, the events unfolding in the former Spanish colony of Equatorial Guinea, on the West African coast, are particularly instructive.

Haitian priest rebuffs govt frame-up

A Haitian judge has rejected government charges that imprisoned Father Gerard Jean-Juste, a Roman Catholic priest and pro-democracy activist, was responsible for importing weapons and inciting recent violence in Haiti.

Priests arrest spotlights Haiti repression

Father Gerard Jean-Juste, a Roman Catholic priest, pro-democracy activist, former Lavalas government cabinet minister and defender of the poor was arrested by Haitian police on Oct. 13, becoming the latest victim of the unfolding wave of repression that is washing over the country.

China moves to reduce rural poverty

At the first-ever China Poverty Eradication Award ceremony on Oct. 17 — the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty — China announced with great pride that the poor population in the country’s rural areas had decreased to 29 million from 250 million in 1978.

Elections, democracy and Afghanistan

News Analysis In its drive to show the world — and the American people — that Washington can bring “democracy” to areas where it’s deemed lacking around the globe, the Bush administration has set great store by the presidential election in Afghanistan, finally held Oct.

Haitian regime escalates repression

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — According to an American filmmaker and journalist living in Haiti, the country’s U.S.-installed government is intensifying its repression of supporters of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

Germans on the march against reforms

BERLIN — People are suddenly on the march again. The government’s “reform package” known as “Agenda 2010,” but especially its cruelest item, the jobless reform law, has shaken German working people and especially the jobless out of apathetic attitudes of “Wait and see!” or “You can’t change things anyway.” Tens of thousands have been marching.

International Notes

Greece: Rally honors workers who died; Nigeria: Hope grows to wipe out polio; Argentina: IMF admits mistake; S. Korea: U.S. builds up Patriot missiles; Haiti: Small merchants protest taxes

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