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International notes

Iraq: Journalists charge U.S. intimidation / Zimbabwe: Mercenaries with intriguing links / Cuba: Protest ban on doctors’ travel / Japan: ‘Spring Struggle’ the biggest ever / Venezuela: Gov’t launches big jobs program

Cuban 5 hearing raises hopes

Supporters and the defense team for the five Cuban political prisoners in the United States expressed guarded optimism after their appeals hearing in Miami on March 10.

International notes

Palestine: Women suffer under Israeli occupation / Greece: Election results, U.S. military exercises / WFTU: Solidarity with working women / South Africa: Gov’t questions Haiti coup / China: First Chinese-Braille computer

International notes

Sudan: Ceasefire extended / Korea: Joint march at Olympics / Colombia: Spraying called harmful, useless / United Nations: Global trade benefits are uneven / Marianas: Nuke survivors need help / India: 50 million go on strike

Canadian leader wavers on gay marriage

VANCOUVER – In a blow to equal rights, one of the first acts undertaken by Canada’s new Prime Minister (PM) Paul Martin has been to backslide on the previous government’s commitment to allow same-sex marriages.

International notes

Spain: Dockers hurt during demonstrations / Bulgaria: Steelworkers face dangerous conditions / Nicaragua: Banana workers march / Iran: ICFTU protests killing of workers / Nepal: Children protest child labor

German parties in a crisis

BERLIN – Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder of Germany no longer leads his Social Democratic Party (SPD).

You cant beat the bosses without passing the hat!

Congratulations to People’s Weekly World supporters and fund drive organizers who worked hard to raise money for the 2003 Fund Drive.

International notes

Haiti: Gov’t calls for end to terror / Sierra Leone: Disarmament process complete / Germany: Metal workers stage warning strikes / Cuba: Idaho legislators visit / South Korea: Auto workers demand leader’s reinstatement

International notes

Canada: Wal-Mart workers organize / Haiti: Gov’t TV station attacked / India: General strike set for Feb. 24 / Cuba: U.S. & Cuban psychiatrists meet / South Africa-Germany: Unions strengthen ties

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