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Ecuador: Reckoning for past crimes Senegal: Africans, choose your union! Iran: U.S. tries diplomacy Ukraine: NATO is not welcome China: Wal-Mart store unionized Cuba: Major land use reforms

Canada implicated in torture at Guantanamo

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — The Canadian government is once again being accused of breaking international human rights laws, including the Geneva Convention. Newly released documents and DVD footage reveal that the Canadian government knew, as far back as 2003, that American interrogators had tortured Canadian prisoner Omar Khadr at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba


Peru: Workers, peasants mount general strike Somalia: U.S. complicit in humanitarian disaster Saudi Arabia: Domestic workers abused, exploited Britain, Ireland: Unions protest Israeli crimes Japan: Guests pressure G8 host Panama: A measure of justice but more is needed Panama: A measure of justice but more is needed

Palestinians hit by food and water crises

Three United Nations agencies have warned of a decline in Palestinian living standards, with a new report showing that high food prices and falling incomes are forcing families to manage with less and lower quality food.

Irelands No vote challenges pro-business pact

The people of Ireland voted resoundingly against the Lisbon Treaty in a popular referendum vote June 13. The vote was 53.4 percent “No.” Opponents of the pact said the vote demonstrated the strong will of the Irish working people to reject a treaty that serves only the interests of big business and the military.


Egypt: ‘Emergency’ rule goes on Italy: Racism is official policy Occupied Territories: Israel limits water Argentina: Summit highlights integration, solidarity Cuba: U.S. actions condemned

Honoring Nelson Mandela at 90

Statesmen, royalty and major world figures in business, sports and entertainment celebrated the life of South African anti-apartheid and national liberation leader Nelson Mandela during a Hyde Park concert in London, June 27. The event honored Mandela’s 90th birthday, which is July 18, and comes 20 years after the 1988 Free Mandela concert that was held in London to demand his release from prison.


India: Left stands firm on nuke deal Israel: Rights group documents torture Ireland: Unions help defeat Lisbon Treaty Nigeria: Oil production down 50 percent Haiti: Drinking water shortage Cuba: Free lung cancer drug

Cuban exiles linked to Mexican gangs

A scandal is brewing that connects right-wing Cuban exiles in the United States with violent Mexican drug gangs trained by the U.S. military. The story first broke in the left-wing Mexico City daily, La Jornada

South Africans pledge solidarity with Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF party held a widely condemned election on June 29 in which the opposition dropped out because of widespread violence and intimidation. The African Union on June 30 joined the international chorus in rejecting the outcome. South African President Thabo Mbeki is mediating a power-sharing deal between ZANU-PF and the opposition Movement for a Democratic Change.

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