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Conflict threatens Ecuadors socialist government

Prevailing opinion places Ecuador in company with Venezuela and Bolivia as exemplars of “socialism of the 21st century.” The three countries rely upon sub-soil natural resource extraction to fund social programs. Falling oil and natural gas prices have forced their governments to improvise.

Future of classical music has a Venezuelan beat

CHICAGO — The internationally acclaimed Simón Bolívar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela traveled to three cities in the United States this month, Washington, Chicago and Houston. And with this breath of fresh air from the South comes a new opportunity for the United States to get serious about music education.

Slash Afghan casualties, boost civilian aid, aid agencies say

President Barack Obama came away from NATO’s 60th anniversary summit in Strasbourg, France earlier this month with commitments from several European NATO members to send a total of 5,000 more troops to Afghanistan. The new European forces will have a limited mission, with some providing added security around Afghanistan’s presidential election slated for August, and others training the Afghan army and police.

WORLDNOTES Spain, Madagascar, South Korea, Iraq, Argentina, Cuba

Spain: Students rebel Madagascar: Coup ousts neo-liberal president South Korea: Unions face challenges Argentina: Impunity still alive Cuba: Farmers gain land

Janet Jagan, an extraordinary woman

GEORGETOWN, Guyana — Tributes came from all over the world for former President of Guyana Janet Jagan, who died March 30 at the age of 88. She was the wife and partner of Guyana’s famed leader, Cheddi Jagan.

Caribbean strikes win peoples victories

Labor militancy and popular mobilization in Martinique and Guadeloupe led to strike settlements last month remarkable for wide-ranging, decisive benefits for racially oppressed working people. Victories there occurred amidst a wave of protests elsewhere, especially in Europe, against lay-offs, rising prices and plunder in financial sectors.

U.S.-Mexico border garners much attention from White House

In response to highly publicized wave of turf battles among drug cartels along the U.S.-Mexico border, the Obama administration issued an ambitious multi-agency $700 million plan this week to combat the violence. The on-going problem has caused more than 8,000 deaths since January 2008.

U.S., Canada and UK unions begin talks

Merger talks between the United Steelworkers union (USW), based in the U.S. and Canada, and Amicus, the 1-million-member-strong and largest union in the UK, will open at the end April.

Scientists: global warming means dark future

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change last week released a 1,572-page report outlining global warming’s dramatic consequences for human life, ecosystems and world geography.

We thought it was oil, But it was blood

The other day We danced in the street Joy in our hearts We thought we were free

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