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India fights soaring food prices

Food prices are soaring around the world. Long lines for rations of rice or wheat flour snake through cities and towns across Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and the Americas. Food protests have rocked Haiti, Egypt, Senegal, Bangladesh and the Philippines. A United Nations report last December listed Haiti and Bangladesh among 37 countries who face “food crises” and need external assistance to stave off mass starvation and famine. The capitalist “free market” economy has helped to create this crisis.

International notes

S. Africa: Farm workers fight back / China: Fight vs SARS intensifies / Colombia: Paramilitaries target the left / South Korea: Unions avert railway privatization / Argentina: Co-op supporters attacked by police

Iraqi Communist paper hits Baghdad streets

Reporters from the corporate media told the story from Baghdad. In a city craving information the man walking along Paradise Square was surrounded by people, as if he was giving out chunks of gold. But in the 21st century, information can be as good as gold.

Iraqis say No U.S. occupation

Shouts of “No to colonialism, no to occupation” resounded throughout Iraq this week.