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A call for a real inter-American dialogue

Abridged from a letter to Inter-American Dialogue, a Washington-based thinktank, by Venezuela’s ambassador to the U.S.

EDITORIAL: Patriots and terrorists

In 2005 John Bolton, President Bush’s UN ambassador, had advice for UN member states deliberating about a convention on terrorism. He called for “a clear, strong declaration.” He condemned “the targeting and deliberate killing by terrorists of civilians and non-combatants.”

Union solidarity forces new look at Colombia trade deal

“Honorable Senators and members of the U.S. Congress: The Uribe government refuses to recognize our basic rights and persecutes and punishes us for exercising our right to peaceful protests,” Colombia’s Oil Workers Union charged in an open letter to Congress, Feb. 17.

White House lets terrorist off hook

Terrorist Luis Posada Carriles left jail on April 19 and went to live at his wife’s home in Miami, after an appeals court approved his release on bail. His trial for lying and fraud, relating to his arrival in the United States, begins May 11 in El Paso, Texas.