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International Notes

Greece: Rally honors workers who died; Nigeria: Hope grows to wipe out polio; Argentina: IMF admits mistake; S. Korea: U.S. builds up Patriot missiles; Haiti: Small merchants protest taxes

Battle for democracy reaches new stage in Iran

The strategy and tactics of Iran’s “reformists” allied with President Mohammad Khatami suffered a crushing defeat during the parliamentary elections last February, in part because thousands of their candidates were disqualified by the country’s ultra-conservative Guardian Council and kept off the ballot.

Why Puerto Ricans were celebrating

The defeat of the U.S. Olympic basketball team by the Puerto Rican team was cause for great jubilation in Puerto Rico.

The strange twists of U.S. refugee policy

Citing terrorist dangers, Federal immigration authorities announced a crackdown at U.S. borders with Canada and Mexico Aug. 11.

Iraq's communists urge political solutions

The military confrontation in Najaf needs to be resolved politically, through dialogue, Iraqi Communist Party spokesperson Salam Ali told the World in an Aug. 14 interview.

Hugo Chavez wins in landslide

The people of Venezuela went to the polls in record-breaking numbers Aug. 15 and voted by a 58 percent majority against the recall of their president, Hugo Chávez. With several hundred thousand v