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WORLDNOTES February 14, 2009

France: Unions mount general strike Russia: Missile bases on hold Egypt: Rail strike shuts down transport Chile: Left coalition takes shape China: Leader discusses challenges Cuba: Social security is revised


Worker-farmer protests rock Mexico

A major event took place just across our border, but few U.S. media took note of it: Hundreds of thousands of workers and farmers marched through the streets of Mexico City and other Mexican cities and towns Jan. 30, demanding that their government deal with the growing economic crisis.


GOP diehards try to block stimulus plan

Despite the spreading job and foreclosure crises, with growing reports of people sleeping in alleys and tunnels, under bridges and highways, and in cars and tents, right-wing Republicans are trying to block President Obama’s National Recovery Act.

Ghana: Voters also go for change they can believe in

On Jan. 7, John Evan Ata Mills was sworn in as the new President of Ghana, the third since the country became a multiparty democracy in 1992. Mills and his party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), swept elections last month, deemed free and fair by observers, and which solidified Ghana’s reputation as an African “success story.” As importantly, Ghanaian voters repudiated neo-liberalism by booting out of office a right-wing party closely tied to George W. Bush’s administration.


Remembering William Pomeroy

William J. Pomeroy, a legendary fighter for the independence and freedom of the Filipino people and a staunch member of the Communist Party USA, died in London Jan. 12. He was 92.