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Bustle in the Bundestag

A stormy session in Germany's Parliament shows the growing unpopularity of the Afghanistan war, and the current German government.


Dresden beats the Nazis

The Berlin anti-fascists waiting near the Spree River at 4:30 AM for the buses to Dresden were sleepy, cold and nervous.


Oskar Lafontaine and the troubled German Left

BERLIN -- While German politicians stared at the calendar, wondering nervously what the May 9 elections will bring in the biggest state, North Rhine-Westphalia, with its 18 million people, media attention suddenly switched to a personal drama within the party called Die Linke (The Left).


Left groups keep spirit of Rosa Luxemburg alive

BERLIN—Huge snow storms could not keep leftists from all over Germany and their guests from other countries away from the annual commemoration of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht.


Can Germany's SPD lion add bite to its roar

The Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), founded in the 19th Century, is the country's oldest party, and now its saddest one.


The fall of the wall — a view from Berlin

BERLIN - Moments of mass euphoria, wonderful as they are for those involved, do not always explain history. And for me, too many issues and questions remain unexplained or simply unasked.

German Left Party scores gain in state elections

BERLIN -- After state elections Sunday, all five main parties in Germany tried to stick in a thumb and pull out a plum or two. Some plums were very sweet, with others rather on the sour side, and the TV smiles of some leaders seemed very forced. The big fight will be on September 27th when the entire Bundestag, or national parliament, is chosen. But the elections to three state legislatures and for mayors and city councils in a fourth state were exciting enough.

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