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EDITORIAL: Scoundrels refuge

In the seventh year of his administration, George W. Bush has gained notoriety as perhaps the most hypocritical president in U.S. history. He did nothing to repair that sorry reputation in dedicating the “Victims of Communism” memorial in Washington, June 12.

Can we reindustrialize?

The British manufacturing industry is in trouble, according to a recent analysis by the Economic Committee of the Communist Party of Britain titled “Halting the Decline of Britain’s Manufacturing Industry.” In proposing an alternative economic strategy for Britain, “Halting the Decline” comes up with plenty of remedies applicable to the U.S.

Teaching solidarity and fraternity in sports

Cuba is a sporting power thanks to the efforts of the revolutionary government to promote the practice of athletes on a mass scale, permitting the island to insert itself among the most privileged places in the international arena. But the socialist island does not limit itself to these goals alone. Cuba also offers educational opportunities, free of charge, to other nations.

A complication of adverse conditions

The eruption of internal clashes between Fatah and Hamas recently in Gaza was a renewal of the fighting that blighted the Strip in the months before the agreement to form a unity government. It came as little surprise, since tensions have been running high and the Mecca agreement failed to deal with the underlying causes.


Villa Grimaldi: Chiles memorial to victims of torture

SANTIAGO, Chile — For Nery Barrientos, it was the squeaking hinges on the giant iron gate outside Villa Grimaldi that did it. He suddenly froze. He was about to leave the park, but the noise sent shivers down his spine.

U.S. food exporters: End Cuba blockade

Three days of talks in Havana on U.S. food sales to Cuba between U.S. agribusiness representatives and leaders of Alimport, Cuba’s food importing company, ended May 30 with signed contracts worth $118 million and Cuban promises to top off the purchases at $150 million.


Global summit grapples with mass extinctions

If current trends continue, one-third to two-thirds of all species of life on earth will be dead within 150 years, according to a recently published report. This would be “a loss that would easily equal those of past mass extinctions,” said John Scott, of the Secretariat of the Convention on Biodiversity, said.

Earths last best hope

Deepening poverty in most capitalist countries, an inherent inability to plan and organize on the necessary scale, and a refusal to fund or insure unprofitable remediation projects (many essential projects will not be profitable) are among the factors behind capitalism’s inability to solve the problem of environmental destruction.

Wolfowitz ouster reflects bigger problems

The scandal that led to the forced resignation of Iraq war guru Paul Wolfowitz as head of the World Bank “is just the tip of the iceberg,” Nadia Martinez, who co-directs the Institute for Policy Studies’ Sustainable Energy and Economy Network, wrote earlier this month.

Michael Moore draws govt wrath re Cuba trip

Michael Moore has joined the ranks of victims of U.S. trade and travel restrictions against Cuba. His organization reported that the filmmaker received an inquiry from the U.S. Treasury Department about a trip Moore took to Cuba in March to film segments for his upcoming release “Sicko.”

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