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Australia: Tied to U.S. coattails? / Zimbabwe: SACP delegation visits / El Salvador: Workers’ rights abused / South Africa: Nobel prize proposed for AIDS fighters

Cuba develops low-cost childrens vaccine

Cuban researchers have developed the first synthetic vaccine against the bacteria that causes pneumonia and meningitis, the main cause of almost half of the infections of children under five in the developing world. According to UNICEF, haemophilus influenzae type B kills one half million children each year.

International notes

Israel and Palestine: Majority favors two-state plan / Kenya: Union leaders against cuts / Venezuela: Alternative proposed to FTAA / United Kingdom: Rail workers to switch parties? / Canada: Demand hearings on missile defense / Japan: New anti-missile venture with U.S.

International notes

Africa: ILO summit vs. poverty / Honduras, Nicaragua: Protest Powell’s visit / Japan: Protests vs. troops to Iraq / Poland: Coal miners strike vs. closings / East Timor: NGOs demand fair boundaries

International Notes

Lesotho: Strike leaders arrested; Russia-China-South Korea: Giant gas pipe planned; Cuba: Development, not war; Tunisia: Hunger strike for civil liberties; Canada: Workers locked out

Ecuador: Peasant activist assassinated

Ecuadorian campesino and environmental leader Angel Shingre was murdered on Nov. 4 in the city of Coca, Orellana province, where he lived. Shingre was a member and leader of numerous peasant and environmental groups in the region.

Turkish military attacks glass workers

Security forces smashed a “tent city” outside a glass factory operated by the leading glass producer Pasabahce in Eskisehir, Turkey, and detained 100 union members including two officers of the Kristal-Is union, on Nov. 7.

South Korea: Rumsfeld beset by protests

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s visit to South Korea last week provoked stormy demonstrations over a period of several days. It was Rumsfeld’s first visit to the country as Bush’s defense secretary, and one of his main objectives was to discuss South Korea’s planned troop deployment to Iraq to help with the U.S. occupation.

Demonstrations confront Bush in London

President George W. Bush’s state visit to London this week has provoked an “unwelcoming” response of huge proportions, with mass demonstrations, teach-ins, debates, school walkouts, film showings, poetry readings, and plays organized to oppose Bush’s policies and those of his British counterpart, Prime Minister Tony Blair.

International notes

Mozambique: Brazil pledges anti-HIV help / Dominican Republic: Union activists arrested / Italy: Metalworkers strike over pay / Bangladesh: Police attack workers / UK: Warplanes fly over Scotland

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