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Iran reinstates 200 election candidates

TEHRAN, Iran – Iran’s unelected and ultra-conservative Guardian Council, which earlier this month disqualified thousands of potential candidates in next month’s elections, reversed the disqualifications of 200 candidates on Jan. 20 and promised that more would be reinstated soon. But the move did not allay anger among reformists.

FTAA is bad for your health

Workers Correspondence It was exciting, informative and uplifting, despite the heavy police presence. I’m referring to the anti-FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) meet in Miami the week of Nov. 16 – 20, which gave progressive organizations the opportunity to meet others from the same movement.

International notes

Italy: Transit workers strike over pensions / Iraq: IFTU headquarters remains closed / Indonesia: Unemployment rising sharply / Nigeria: Unions protest fuel tax / Venezuela: U.S. delegation criticizes ‘disinformation’

Bias alleged in new security checks

The Department of Homeland Security’s latest addition to airport security checks has been greeted by a chorus of disapproval, both from domestic groups and internationally.

International notes

Iraq: ICFTU calls for trade union rights / Colombia: New Bogota mayor takes office / China: Gov’t says pay migrant workers promptly

Huge rally marks 1804 Haitian revolution

Many tens of thousands of cheering Haitians flooded the streets surrounding the National Palace in Port-au-Prince on New Year’s Day in celebration of the 200th anniversary of their country’s independence.

Earthquake wreaks massive devastation

The catastrophic effects of the Dec. 26 earthquake in Bam, Iran, and the surrounding areas are enormous. Eighty percent of the city has been destroyed, with at least 30,000 dead (some say this figure could reach 50,000) and more than 100,000 homeless.

Imperialism behind coup in Georgia Imperialism behind coup in Georgia

Since the invasion and occupation of Iraq, it has become fashionable to characterize U.S. foreign policy as imperialist. Apologists have shamelessly embraced the description, while critics are appalled at what they see as a departure from previously idealistic, human rights-based foreign policies.

Big losses for India's Congress Party

NEW DELHI – Provincial elections held recently in three states – Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chattisgarh – went heavily in favor of right-wing, Hindu nationalist forces and their political arm, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

International notes

Australia: Tied to U.S. coattails? / Zimbabwe: SACP delegation visits / El Salvador: Workers’ rights abused / South Africa: Nobel prize proposed for AIDS fighters

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