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World conference hits war, capitalist crisis

Communist & Workers’ parties meet in Athens ATHENS, Greece – Meeting in the wake of the U.S. military invasion and occupation of Iraq, but bolstered by the unprecedented global peace upsurge that resisted the war, representatives of some 60 Communist and Workers’ parties gathered here June 19-20 to exchange views and increase international solidarity.

International notes

Kenya: ‘Bush seriously out of touch’ / Korea: Solve nuke issue peacefully / India: Bhopal victims demand trial / Canada: Another court okays same-sex marriages / France: AIDS convention urges cheap drugs

U.S. sets up Iraqi governing council

News Analysis Reversing its previous refusal to cede any power to Iraqi groups, the U.S. – with its imperial occupation of Iraq going very badly – has now acceded to the formation of an Iraqi “governing council.”

Demands for Barghoutis release grows

Demands are growing to release Palestinian legislator Marwan Barghouti, and some 6,500 other Palestinian prisoners, as part of the “road map” peace negotiations.

Coup supporter shuts down community TV

Catia TV – Venezuela’s longest-running community television station – was shut down last week by Caracas Mayor Alfredo Peña. Peña was one of the chief supporters of the failed April 2002 coup d’etat against democratically-elected Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Soldier doesnt like Iraq War either

Before he was sent to the Middle East, a young soldier from Texas began corresponding by e-mail with some of us in Dallas. His view of the war and army life was considerably different from what the “embedded” U.S. journalists were reporting. Even though we were thousands of miles apart and only connected by mail, we North Texans became extremely fond and protective toward “Soldier Sal” Here are some excerpts from our correspondence.

White House lies prompt call for inquiry

As President Bush and other administration officials scramble to explain away their use of doctored evidence to launch a preemptive war on Iraq, calls for independent, bipartisan investigations grow.