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Greece: Olympic construction takes big toll Colombia: Communist farm co-op leader killed South Africa: Metalworkers warn of strike Ukraine: Mourning mine disaster

Chvez foe calls for violence, dictatorship

CARACAS – Venezuelan opposition leader and two-time president Carlos Andres Perez has made a series of statements calling for violence to remove President Hugo Chávez from office, and hinting that the Venezuelan opposition may have to impose a dictatorial period to make his removal permanent.

Russian communists hit by dirty tricks

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation, with 560,000 members and roughly 10 million voters, is one of the world’s largest non-governing communist parties. It is also the only opposition party represented in the Russian State Duma.

Castro slams Bush on sex, lies, drinking

During his annual July 26th speech, Cuban President Fidel Castro slammed George W. Bush’s unfounded charge that Cuba promotes “sex tourism.”