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WORLD NOTES Afghanistan, Somalia, United Nations, Cuba, Great Britain, Mexico

Afghanistan: Bombings lead to impasse Somalia: War suffering grows United Nations: U.S. joins Human Rights Council Cuba: Relations with EU under study Mexico: Police confront mine protesters

Pakistans displaced create new crisis

In the wake of the Pakistan’s army offensive against the armed Taliban, more than 1 million people have been forced to flee their homes. The Pakistan Peace and Solidarity Council sent out an urgent appeal today to the “philanthropists, donors, supporters, international relief organizations and international community” for humanitarian aid to assist the some “1.3 million displaced people” from Swat, Bunir, Dir and Malakand, the semi tribal areas located in the north of North West Frontier Province near the Pakistan-Afghan boarder.


Dollars for Cuban anti-govt groups flow from Miami

Cuban news media are charging the top U.S. diplomat in Cuba with being a bagman for groups seeking to overthrow Cuba’s government.

Where are all those Iraqi weapons?

“Where are the weapons of mass destruction?” That is the first of many awkward questions George W. Bush faces as the vaunted victory in Iraq unravels in chaos. Another question is: “How long will the occupation last and how much will it cost?”

Bhopal disaster victims struggle for justice

PITTSBURGH – Unlike a natural disaster like the recent earthquake in Algeria, some man-made disasters, “industrial accidents,” leave dishes on the shelves, homes intact, windows secure and factories in place.

International notes

Russia: Unions take on Norilsk Nickel / Nigeria: Public workers say no to layoffs / Hungary: Peace forces protest Iraq war / Indonesia: Women protest discrimination at work / Peru: WFTU calls for solidarity with teachers / Indonesia: Women protest discrimination at work

U.S. Rx for Iraq: privatization

After compelling United Nations authorization of an extended U.S.-British occupation of Iraq, the Bush administration is now openly focusing on privatizing Iraq’s economy, regardless of the hardships that will mean for the Iraqi people.

International Notes

France: General strike planned May 13 French trade unions, outraged over the Chirac government’s plans to reform the pension system, said last week that public and private sector workers will hold a one-day general strike May 13.

Vietnam beats SARS, but Asia still at risk

NEW DELHI – Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), a form of pneumonia, is spreading across Asia. Thousands are in hospitals and the death toll is several hundred. The most affected nations are China including Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines and Burma. In India, 13 cases have been reported and nine have died.