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UN Gaza report becomes political football

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution opposing any "endorsement or further consideration" of the UN Goldstone report, but the action is unlikely to have long-term significance.

Persecuted Middle East gays hope for resettlement

In Iran, there is a three to four day gap between when an individual is reported to the police for being homosexual, and when the police arrive to arrest that individual. Most flee before the police arrive, making such preparations as they can and becoming refugees. Iranians don't need visas to enter Turkey, so that is a common destination. Most refugees flee over the mountains, a grueling trek.

A/H1N1 flu epidemic escalating in Middle East

The influenza A/H1N1 epidemic swept over the Middle East region as infections continued to climb across the region and more countries previously immune to the flu saw their first confirmed cases. Oman's Health Ministry last Wednesday confirmed its first three A/H1N1 cases, which was three Omani students studying in the United States, the first such cases in the Sultanate.

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