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Capitalism incapable of reversing environmental crisis

After decades of international conferences like Rio and Kyoto, despite local victories and major protests, the destruction of humanity’s environment continues. Don’t the capitalists who control most world production care about human survival — even their own? Or are they incapable of stopping it?

Marx hoy

Cada vez que en alguna parte del mundo brota un movimiento orientado por ideas socialistas, como el que estamos viviendo ahora en Venezuela y que hemos convenido en denominar revolución bolivariana, surge casi de modo inevitable la interrogante sobre el tipo de socialismo al cual se refiere en concreto ese movimiento.

Talking about a revolution: Calls for action on global warming, inequality

The latest report of a world scientific panel on global warming has called for what amounts to a social revolution, one of the report’s authors said.

Kevin Pina on tour with his latest documentary: Haiti: We Must Kill the Bandits

Acclaimed filmmaker Kevin Pina is touring with his latest documentary, “Haiti: We Must Kill the Bandits.” The documentary exposes the disinformation campaign that covered up one of the greatest human rights travesties in the history of Latin America and the Caribbean.


Boris Yeltsin and Jenny Lopez

A few days ago, according to Pravda (the former paper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union now specializing in National Inquirer-like gossip), a newly rich 35-year-old Russian billionaire banker, Andrei Melnichenko, paid Jennifer Lopez $3 million to perform at a birthday party for his wife.


Forget the meat! Why an animal-based diet is hazardous to your health

Slowly the truth is emerging that diet is decisive to health. Out of a fog of deliberate confusion and fierce resistance put up by the food and pharmaceutical industries and their allies in government, academia and big medicine, the idea is winning support in the public mind, and a fundamentally new picture is becoming clear.

Mississippi on the mind and Cuba

Infant mortality rates (IMR) in Mississippi and other Southern states are rising. The IMR measures the number of first-year infant deaths per thousand births. It reflects social indicators such as access to care, food availability, family income and education levels.

Faulty economics and the French elections

The elections in France demonstrate the power of faulty economic analysis, and more generalized problems with arithmetic, to shape ideas and possibly the future of not only a nation but a continent.

Black leaders probe rights violations on border

TUCSON, Ariz. — A 14-member delegation of African Americans investigated human rights abuses of immigrants, Mexican Americans and indigenous communities on the U.S.-Mexican border, in an April 26-29 fact-finding tour here.

Castro blasts Bush administrations ethanol program

Fidel Castro has blasted the Bush administration’s plans to meet the energy and global warming crises by its promotion of a massive international program to convert food into ethanol fuel.

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