World News

International notes

Mozambique: Brazil pledges anti-HIV help / Dominican Republic: Union activists arrested / Italy: Metalworkers strike over pay / Bangladesh: Police attack workers / UK: Warplanes fly over Scotland

Canadians fight to save public health care

PHILADELPHIA – Doug Allan, an authority on the Canadian health care system and a longtime health researcher for one of Canada’s largest public employee unions, spoke to appreciative audiences in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Cambridge, Mass., this week in a tour sponsored by the People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo.

International notes

S. Africa: Shoprite strikers march / Greece: Anti-NATO activists on trial again / Australia: Maritime firm stranded Pacific Island workers / Sudan: East Africa leaders say peace deal close

Israeli CP attacked

HAIFA, Israel – General Secretary of the Communist Party of Israel and Arab Israeli lawmaker Issam Mahoul and wife, Su’ad, survived a car bomb explosion and fire on Oct. 24.

Senate rebukes Bush on Cuba

By a voice vote, the U.S. Senate last week approved an amendment to the Department of Transportation bill that would strip the government of all funding for the enforcement of its much-criticized ban on travel to Cuba.