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The other Colombia stirs

“What was new was the breadth, extent, and depth of the protest, and above all the confluence of actors.” For analyst Raul Zibechi, the “other Colombia” was manifest in a wave of indigenous and workers’ protests against the regime of President Alvaro Uribe. Along the line, Uribe, custodian of a militarized U.S. puppet state, blinked.

Economy fix cant wait until 1.20.09

As the economy continues crashing and as Congress readies for a special post-election Nov. 17 session at which it could pass a new stimulus package of more than $300 billion, labor and its allies are pushing for sweeping measures aimed at getting millions back to work and putting money into the pockets of the people.

Worldnotes: November 8, 2008

Greece: Labor builds toward political change Brazil: Workers’ Party, allies dominate city elections Benin: Poor nations want in Iraq: U.S. forces agreement may fail China: Partnership grows with Russia Cuba: General Assembly nixes blockade