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Ethiopian marathon runner uses win to protest killings, oppression in his country

One runner's brave act showed the world how Ethiopia's government is cracking down on dissent.


Ryan Lochte and 3 U.S. swimmers caught in whirlpool of scandal

A full-blown international incident is unfolding at the Olympics, and it has nothing to do with Russians and doping.


Behind Olympic glitz lies the reality of Rio's hidden poor

The impact of hosting the Summer Games has fallen hardest on the impoverished black and brown indigenous communities of Rio.


Brazil's coup government represses Olympics protests, attempts pension and health cuts

The Temer government's actions against demonstrators are consistent with the regressive policies enacted since he stole the presidency from Dilma Rousseff.


In a historic first, Rio 2016 fields Refugee Olympic Team

"By welcoming the team of Refugee Olympic Athletes to the Olympic Games Rio 2016, we want to send a message of hope for all refugees in our world," said International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach.


IBEW member hits the ice in Sochi

Journeyman electrician Ekaterina Pashkevitch is taking to the ice in Sochi, Russia, this week, playing center for the Russian women's Olympic hockey team.


Skater Boitano comes out, will represent U.S. at Olympics

Olympic figure skating champion Brian Boitano came out Thursday, two days after he was named to the U.S. delegation for Sochi along with openly gay athletes Billie Jean King and Caitlin Cahow.


Women made big gains at Olympics, but challenges remain

London's Olympics was the site of laudable developments for women's access to and full participation in major athletic activities.


Behind London Olympics spectacular sports, a dark side

While the 2012 Summer Olympics bring athletes together in spectacles of sport, the Games will also bring crippling debt,  especially galling given the  latest austerity measures in the UK.


Welcome to the London lockdown

Parliament is moving center-stage as crises of private-sector greed and incompetence are laid before select committees.

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