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In South America, left-wing presidents face military aggression

Two leftist South American presidents are under the gun.

ALBA marks fifth anniversary at Havana summit

Cuban President Raul Castro welcomed representatives of ALBA nations to Havana Dec. 11-14 for their eighth summit meeting.


World Notes: Russia, Nepal, Israel, Uganda, Venezuela, Cuba

Nepal: World's highest cabinet meeting sends message on global warming.


South American & African countries hold historic meeting

Leaders of more than 60 South American and African countries met on Margarita Island, Venezuela, last month, raising the possibility of a new bloc of nations that can reduce their dependence on the U.S. and other capitalist powers.

US/Colombia agreement targets Venezuela

A U.S.-Colombian agreement divulged last month is emblematic of what Le Monde Diplomatique correspondent Omar Roberto Rodriguez characterized as a “brutal counteroffensive” against “progressive and democratic governments.” Colombia will allow the United States for 10 years to deploy planes and troops at three air bases and naval vessels at two ports.

Venezuelan and Chicago leaders discuss creating peoples power

CHICAGO – In an effort to share experiences led by grassroots struggles, leaders from Venezuela and local community groups here on the Southwest Side of the city came together to talk about what it takes to organize residents, fight for people’s power and encourage participatory democracy from the bottom up.

Venezuelan president's backers celebrate referendum win

February 16 (Xinhua) Supporters celebrated President Hugo Chavez's win in the constitutional referendum Sunday night, which has lifted term limits to allow him to run in 2012 presidential election and stay in power as long as he keeps winning elections.

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