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Brazilian Congress ousts chief plotter of legislative coup against Rousseff

But Cunha is also threatening to bring down a large number of his colleagues, including former allies.


Eyewitness accounts of Temer government’s violence against protests

The smoke and gas bombs were intense, it is very difficult to run and breathe; police target alternative press cars that try to take their equipment into the protests.


Ousted Dilma Rousseff to Brazilians: Believe in democracy, dream of justice

In a defiant speech, Rousseff asks Brazilians to resist the coup and fight the gutting of progressive policies.


Brazilian Senate ousts President Dilma Rousseff

By a 61-20 vote in the Brazilian Senate, Dilma is out, but the struggle to overcome the Right's stranglehold on the country continues.


Ryan Lochte and 3 U.S. swimmers caught in whirlpool of scandal

A full-blown international incident is unfolding at the Olympics, and it has nothing to do with Russians and doping.


Behind Olympic glitz lies the reality of Rio's hidden poor

The impact of hosting the Summer Games has fallen hardest on the impoverished black and brown indigenous communities of Rio.


Brazil's interim health minister is bad for the people's health

Brazil's coup government's health minister, Ricardo Barros, says Brazil's people "imagine" they are sick; now he and Temer want to dismantle the public healthcare.


Brazil's coup government represses Olympics protests, attempts pension and health cuts

The Temer government's actions against demonstrators are consistent with the regressive policies enacted since he stole the presidency from Dilma Rousseff.


Brazilian Left pushing hard for referendum to stop rightward slide

The referendum would authorize new elections for October, but this depends on first defeating the efforts of the right to remove President Dilma Rousseff from office.


Brazil Chamber of Deputies votes to impeach Rousseff, but struggle isn’t over

The much anticipated vote on the impeachment of Rousseff took place in a raucous atmosphere of shouting, pushing and posturing. 

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