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Subsidised medicines to be available to Chinese

The Chinese government has issued a list of more than 300 commonly used drugs that will be sold at controlled prices from next month as part of reforms aimed at making health care more affordable.

Kim Dae-jung mourned as Korea peacemaker

Kim Dae-jung, the first South Korean president to meet with North Korea's leaders, is being mourned as a peacemaker. Kim died Aug. 18 at the age of 85.

Facebook to compete with Google?

The most used social network by worldwide monthly active users may become the next super computer operating system for communications, according to news reports on Monday.

Bollywood superstars airport detention prompts protest

One of India’s beloved Bollywood superstars, Shah Rukh Khan, who is Muslim, made international headlines recently after he was held for questioning at Newark Liberty International Airport. Many here describe Khan as the 'Brad Pitt' of India. Khan was on his way to Chicago to participate in a parade celebrating India’s independence before he was detained for over an hour.

Yemen: Fighting forces 120,000 people to flee

Nearly 120,000 people from various districts in Yemen’s northern province of Saada fled their homes to safer areas on the border with Saudi Arabia as renewed clashes between the army and Houthi rebels escalated over the past four days, according to Mohammed Abdussalam, spokesman for the office of rebel leader Abdulmalik al-Houthi.

Venezuela to expand education

After the enactment of the Education Bill, Venezuela on Sunday enters a new stage in its drive to guarantee Venezuelans from all walks of life free access to education.

Seven killed in Kabul car bombing

A suicide car bomber has attacked NATO headquarters in the heart of Kabul, killing seven people and wounding nearly 100 just days before national elections.

Pro-democracy demonstrations continue in Honduras

On June 28, the Honduran army overthrew the democratically elected government of left-wing president Manuel 'Mel' Zelaya and bundled him onto an airplane into exile in Costa Rica. This action, in spite of being given a constitutional veneer, was not accepted by workers and poor farmers in Honduras, who constitute Zelaya's support base, or by the international community.

NAFTA meeting produces disappointment

The three heads of government of the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) countries recently met in Guadalajara, Mexico. The net result of the meeting among Mexican President Felipe Calderon, U.S. President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is frustration and disappointment in all three countries.

Tel Aviv protest backs migrant workers

Hundreds of protesters have taken to the streets of Tel Aviv to demonstrate against Israel's 'revolving-door policy' on migrant workers. Monday's march, organised by the Communist Party of Israel's Democratic Front for Peace and Equality, or Hadash, targeted some of the country's largest employment agencies.

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