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Nicaragua: Cleaning up the worlds biggest toilet

MANAGUA, (IPS) - After dumping its untreated wastewater into lake Managua for more than 80 years, the capital of Nicaragua has started to clean up the huge source of water in this country, where 80 percent of fresh water sources are polluted.

Gaza probe demand

Sixteen prominent jurists have called on the United Nations to launch an investigation into alleged war crimes committed by Israeli troops and Palestinian guerillas during Tel Aviv's recent Gaza onslaught.

Nestle India seeks permanent ban on workers freedom of assembly

The management of Nestle India filed injunctions simultaneously in four courts in three states seeking a permanent ban on all union meetings, gatherings and rallies within 200 metres of its factories in Moga, Samalkha, Ponda Goa and Bicholim. These are the four Nestle factories in India that are unionized, with 1,350 members represented by the IUF-affiliated Federation of All India Nestle Employees.

A peoples victory in El Salvador

The people of El Salvador made history March 15 by electing Mauricio Funes as the country’s next president. Funes’ election marks a seismic political shift in this war-torn and poverty-stricken nation.

World forests rapidly disappearing biofuels a major driver

ROME — In a reaction to the alarming data released March 16 in the 2009 State of the World's Forests report by the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), Friends of the Earth International and the Global Forest Coalition, two leading networks of environmental and Indigenous Peoples' Organizations, called on world governments to take immediate action to halt deforestation and forest degradation.

Former Pakistan PM defies house arrest

Pakistani opposition leader Nawaz Sharif defied house arrest on Sunday to join anti-government protests.

El Salvador holds historic elections

El Salvador, Mar 15 (Prensa Latina) Salvadoreans are expected to cast their votes today to elect their president, in elections considered historic as they may bring the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) candidate to power.

Guam residents are not welcoming U.S. Marines relocation from Okinawa

Residents of Guam are so reluctant to accept the U.S. Marines to be stationed on the island of U.S. territory in the Pacific, that the Guam governor would sign the ordinance passed by the Guam Legislature to hold a referendum over the planned reinforcement of U.S. forces in Guam, said the speaker of the Guam Territorial Legislature.

Mandela's autobiography Long Walk to Freedom to be adapted into film

Former South African President Nelson Mandela has met with the director who will be adapting his autobiography Long Walk to Freedom into a film, the South African Press Association quoted Anant Singh's production company Videovision Entertainment as saying on Friday.

China 'concerned' about US Treasury holdings

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao warned the US on Friday to protect China's massive loans to the US Treasury.

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