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At COP 21, indigenous people wield voices in fight for justice

The Indigenous Environmental Network focuses on cutting greenhouse gas emissions, calling for moratoriums on new fossil fuel development, and fighting against "false solutions," like fracking and nuclear energy.


Trade (and geopolitical) wars cut oil prices

There is a trade war in oil and fossil fuels. It has four causes I can identify.


Sudanese rise up against massive price hikes, repression

Sudan's capital, Khartoum, and neighboring Omdurman, as well as Port Sudan and other parts of the country, are being rocked by mass protests and government repression, with the loss of at least 70 lives so far in Khartoum alone.


World notes: India, Hungary, Guatemala - and more

Cuba: Self employment is applied to mines, quarries;  Guatemala: transport fuels or food?; United Kingdom: Use profits for debt relief, say international organizations;  Hungary: Rightist revival;  India: Anti-guerrilla fight jeopardizes civilians, neutrals.