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Death on the border: Autumn brings no respite on desert

Tuesday was the first day of autumn. Even in the sun-baked Southwest, this signals a weather change. The days are still killing hot – daytime temperature on the floor of the desert can still reach 190 degrees, a temperature at which flesh cooks and bodies turn to dust.

Deceit and dirty tricks on Iraq

Accusations that the White House illegally leaked information to stifle dissent over its Iraq war policy are the latest in a series of charges that the administration used deceit and dirty tricks to sell the Iraq war.

International notes

Israel: Pilots refuse to commit war crimes / Bolivia: Big demos vs. gas export plan / Canada: Gays protected by anti-hate laws / Liberia: UNICEF launches emergency appeal / Poland: Miners protest restructuring

International notes

China: Migrant workers join unions / Colombia: Pact re Int’l Court criticized / Iraq: No WMDs / S. Africa: Unions slam ‘worst employer’ / Norway: Boycott over ‘slave’ farm wages

U.S. veto assailed as license to kill Arafat

In a move that many regard as giving a green light to the Israeli government of Ariel Sharon to deport or kill Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, the U.S. vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution on Sept. 16 denouncing the Israeli cabinet’s recent decision to “remove” the Palestinian leader.

International notes

Venezuela: Recall petitions rejected / Britain: TUC condemns Iraq invasion / Russia: Guarantee N. Korea’s security / Uruguay: Health workers gain / Pakistan: Writers for peace

WTO meet fails: Developing nations demand fair farm policies

The World Trade Organization’s ministerial meeting in Cancun collapsed Sept. 14 after a newly-formed alliance of developing nations said the U.S., European Union (EU) and Japan had failed to make acceptable proposals on agriculture and other trade issues.

Panel on U.S. role in Chiles coup

DALLAS – On Sept. 11 the Dallas Peace Center presented a program titled “Terrorism, Theirs and Ours” at the Magnolia Theater.

Israeli cabinet threatens Arafat

The Israeli government’s recent decision in principle to “remove” Palestinian President Yasser Arafat from his position of authority by expulsion or possibly assassination has provoked a storm of protest in the occupied territories.

International notes

Korea: DPRK proposes solutions / Turkey: Peace struggle heats up / Nepal: Arrest peaceful protesters / China: Concern over Japan’s missile plans / Africa: AIDS patients take pills well

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