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Turkish leader's visit to occupied Cyprus sparks protest (video)

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan made a highly provocative visit July 20 to the Turkish-occupied region in northern Cyprus.


Bang your own head, not a seal’s

Humane Society International and heavy metal musicians are calling upon the Canadian government to cancel the 2011 commercial seal killings.


Slice of life Cuban-style

The following slideshow shows just a small slice of life in Cuba, an island that is just 90 miles from U.S. shores, yet very few Americans are allowed to go there because of the U.S. travel ban to that country.

VIDEO President Obama on Guantanamo and security

President Obama delivers a new direction on national security, torture, Guantanamo and civil liberties.

Gaza Crisis: Analysis and a Way Forward

Thank you for joining us for this special interview with Susan Webb of the People's Weekly World. Webb has covered the Middle East for the People's Weekly World,, for several years and recently wrote an article for that newspaper called Gaza Crisis: Time to Break with Cold War Policies.