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Chilean president Bachelet campaigns for 'transformative role of women'

"Women are able to do much more if they are equal and can be agents of social change," Michelle Bachelet said at the Wilson Institute in Washington Thursday.


U.S. project of regime change in Cuba is still on

U.S. intervention masked as "democracy promotion" violates any pretense of normal U.S.-Cuban relations.


Bayer-Monsanto merger can't erase Nazi chemists' past

Our correspondent in Berlin explores Bayer's troubled past and its links with the Nazis' most notorious death camp - Auschwitz.


Colombian paramilitaries advance as peace plebiscite approaches

Paramilitary violence threatens efforts to end Colombia's 52-year civil war. Time to demand the U.S. government no longer support them.


For 25th year, Cuba seeks UN resolution on blockade

Cuba reports to the General Assembly so members can see the blockade through Cuban eyes. In 2015, 191 nations voted to end it; not the U.S. and Israel.


International opposition to Trans-Pacific Partnership grows

Remember NAFTA? The TPP promises to be more of the same - on a larger scale; that's why workers in many countries are pushing for a no vote on the pact. 


Argentine workers march against government’s neoliberal economic policies

This demonstration may presage a movement toward unity on the part of the country's traditionally split labor movement.


This week in history: International Literacy Day at half-century mark

UNESCO is celebrating the 50th anniversary of International Literacy Day under the banner "Reading the Past, Writing the Future."


Ousted Dilma Rousseff to Brazilians: Believe in democracy, dream of justice

In a defiant speech, Rousseff asks Brazilians to resist the coup and fight the gutting of progressive policies.


Economic inequality on the rise worldwide

Our global economy will never become more productive if we continue to let wealth concentrate.

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