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Iran: Unions face daily state brutality

What is the state of the trade union movement in Iran? Is the labour law properly implemented in Iran?


Turkey’s authoritarian president Erdogan is big winner after failed coup

As the dust settles from the Turkish coup, there are obvious winners and losers, but predicting things in the Middle East these days is a tricky business.


This week in history: International Day of the Disappeared

The international day was created to draw attention to the fate of individuals imprisoned at places and under poor conditions unknown to their relatives.


Peace agreement in Colombia ends brutal, decades-long war

The agreement signed August 24 represents final approval of preliminary agreements reached by the FARC and the Colombian government.


Blood on the textbooks: Mexican teachers stand firm against state repression

Mexico has been in an uproar over the use of force against teachers resisting corporate education reform.


Behind Olympic glitz lies the reality of Rio's hidden poor

The impact of hosting the Summer Games has fallen hardest on the impoverished black and brown indigenous communities of Rio.


Brazil's coup government represses Olympics protests, attempts pension and health cuts

The Temer government's actions against demonstrators are consistent with the regressive policies enacted since he stole the presidency from Dilma Rousseff.


Israeli army jails nonviolent Jewish peace activists

The suffering of Hebron's Palestinians is emblematic of the oppression and discrimination burdening Palestinians living in the area controlled by Israel.


Hiroshima Day message: Abolish nuclear weapons, build lasting world peace

"Is it not time to honor the spirit of Hiroshima and clear the path toward a world free from that "absolute evil"? Is it not time to unify and manifest our passion in action?"


Facing bullets and prison, Mexican teachers stand up to education reforms

"Corporate interests seek to privatize public education and undermine our ability to function as educators."

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