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Anger rises over cover-up on shooting of Brazilian

LONDON — The family of Jean Charles de Menezes, the Brazilian electrician who was shot to death by British police on July 22 in the wake of two terrorist attacks here, have demanded an end to police “shoot to kill” tactics following revelations about the circumstances surrounding the killing.

Festival diary: Venezuelans have big hearts

Erika, 19, a Chicana student from the Los Angeles area, was one of the more than 700 U.S. delegates to the 16th World Festival of Youth and Students, Aug. 6-13, in Caracas, Venezuela. Erika was interviewed before leaving for Venezuela in the July 30-Aug. 5 PWW. Below is the interview during the festival and next week the PWW will publish the last interview and Erika’s post-festival impressions.

From Daniel: Welcome to Venezuela!: A day in the life of a social worker

SIMON BOLIVAR AIRPORT, Venezuela — Our very first experience as the United States delegation at the 16th World Festival of Youth and Students here was the warm and excited Aug. 5 welcome of a youngVenezuelan who is a social worker in the steep hill community that faces this airport, Mission Barrio Adentro. His name is Daniel, better known as “the guy in the red shirt” to many of the 700-plus U.S. delegates that journeyed here.

Food, schools and liberty thats the Bolivarian Revolution

CARACAS, Venezuela — Carolys Perez came to tears when the World asked her about the changes taking place within Venezuelan society, the Bolivarian Revolution and its leader, Hugo Chavez.


With Gladys, We'll win a thousand times

It was with a heavy heart that I arrived in Chile. Compañera Gladys Marin, president of the Communist Party of Chile (CPC), had died March 6 of a brain tumor. She was 63. Communist and workers party representatives came from around the world to pay tribute to this revolutionary heroine. My party — the Communist Party USA — asked me to represent it at Marin’s funeral.

Millions mourn Chilean heroine

Thousands of Chileans poured into the streets to pay tribute to Chile’s fiery Communist leader, Gladys Marin, who died March 6 at age 63 after a long battle with brain cancer. Crowds estimated at half a million lined the streets outside La Moneda government palace in Santiago March 8 as her funeral procession passed by. click here for Spanish text

Iranian people oppose foreign intervention

The Bush administration has begun a new round of aggressive posturing towards Iran’s regime. Under the pretext of the “war against terror” and “spreading democracy,” the U.S. is attempting to rally international support for its policy against Iran.

2 jailed Haitian leaders go on hunger strike

After surviving an attack by gunmen that left one prison guard dead, Haiti’s ousted and jailed Prime Minister Yvon Neptune and Interior Minister Jocelerme Privert have gone on a hunger strike to force the U.S.-imposed interim government to ensure their safety.

Youth camp sets tone at Brazil forum

PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil — Anyone attending the fifth World Social Forum here couldn’t miss it. Situated right in the middle of the “World Social Territory,” a vast swath of land alongside Guaiba Lake that was home to this year’s events, was the sprawling Youth Encampment.

Chiles privatized pensions spell worker hardship

NewsAnalysis As the Bush administration pushes to privatize Social Security, many people are looking at countries where state-funded pensions have been privatized. One of them is Chile. President Bush lauded Chile’s privatized social security system as a “good example” for the U.S. when he visited Santiago last November to participate in the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. click here for Spanish text

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