World News

World confronting many epidemics

The recently concluded 56th session of the World Health Organization (WHO) highlighted the many-faceted ongoing world health crisis. The meeting, with 2,000 participants from 192 member states, dramatized the incredible dangers facing children, people living in poverty and, in fact, the whole planet.

Activists say Bring down the wall

TUCSON, Ariz. – Kicking off a campaign to “Bring down the wall” on the border with Mexico, a broad-based coalition of community organizations and individuals held a teach-in here May 31.

International notes

Cuba-Africa: Over 25,000 Africans educated in Cuba / France: New strike wave vs. pension reforms / China: Work starts on longest bridge / Canada-France-USA: Joint Day of Action

Action needed on bills to end Cuba travel ban

While aggression against Cuba reached a new low when Bush administration officials expelled 14 Cuban diplomats on allegations of espionage, very important advances are being made in ending the embargo. Members of Congress recently introduced bills in both chambers to end the ban on travel to Cuba.

International notes

Peru: Protests vs. state of emergency / China: Public health system gets upgrade / United Nations: Indigenous leaders demand compensation / Australia: Detention center horrors continue

Protests and splits mark G8 summit

President Bush’s effort to win world support for his unilateral, superpower policies ran into resistance in the Group of 8 (G8) meeting and on the streets outside. The G8 represents the heads of the world’s richest capitalist countries.

Where are all those Iraqi weapons?

“Where are the weapons of mass destruction?” That is the first of many awkward questions George W. Bush faces as the vaunted victory in Iraq unravels in chaos. Another question is: “How long will the occupation last and how much will it cost?”

Bhopal disaster victims struggle for justice

PITTSBURGH – Unlike a natural disaster like the recent earthquake in Algeria, some man-made disasters, “industrial accidents,” leave dishes on the shelves, homes intact, windows secure and factories in place.

International notes

Russia: Unions take on Norilsk Nickel / Nigeria: Public workers say no to layoffs / Hungary: Peace forces protest Iraq war / Indonesia: Women protest discrimination at work / Peru: WFTU calls for solidarity with teachers / Indonesia: Women protest discrimination at work

U.S. Rx for Iraq: privatization

After compelling United Nations authorization of an extended U.S.-British occupation of Iraq, the Bush administration is now openly focusing on privatizing Iraq’s economy, regardless of the hardships that will mean for the Iraqi people.

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