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U.S. project of regime change in Cuba is still on

U.S. intervention masked as "democracy promotion" violates any pretense of normal U.S.-Cuban relations.


Colombian paramilitaries advance as peace plebiscite approaches

Paramilitary violence threatens efforts to end Colombia's 52-year civil war. Time to demand the U.S. government no longer support them.


Peace agreement in Colombia ends brutal, decades-long war

The agreement signed August 24 represents final approval of preliminary agreements reached by the FARC and the Colombian government.


Dangerous seas: War danger escalates in the Pacific

Recent events combined with historical strains reaching back 60 years have turned the western Pacific into one of the most hazardous spots on the globe.


Hiroshima Day message: Abolish nuclear weapons, build lasting world peace

"Is it not time to honor the spirit of Hiroshima and clear the path toward a world free from that "absolute evil"? Is it not time to unify and manifest our passion in action?"


NATO’s stance toward Russia increases nuclear danger

After disappearing from the radar for several decades, nukes are back, and modernizing the U.S. arsenal will almost certainly kick off a nuclear arms race.


British Iraq War report is damning for former PM Tony Blair

Report on the UK's role in ginning up the Iraq war is damning, but doesn't go far enough in condemning the killing of Iraqi civilians.


Attempted Coup: We want neither the coup nor the one-man dictatorship!

The defeat of the coup alone does not mean that Turkey has a democracy.


NATO games 2016: War machine slipping under the radar?

NATO recently wrapped up the largest war games in Eastern Europe since World War II. Some say the alliance's actions are pushing Europe toward a new Cold War.


Cuba, the unifier, promotes peace in Colombia

When FARC and the Colombian government began negotiations in 2012 to end 52 years of war, the two sides looked to Cuba.

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