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Brazilian Congress ousts chief plotter of legislative coup against Rousseff

But Cunha is also threatening to bring down a large number of his colleagues, including former allies.


Extreme right racks up big vote totals in northern Germany

The Alternative für Deutschland racked up a shocking 21.9 percent of the vote on September 4th in the north German state of Mecklenberg.


Brazilian Senate ousts President Dilma Rousseff

By a 61-20 vote in the Brazilian Senate, Dilma is out, but the struggle to overcome the Right's stranglehold on the country continues.


Attempted Coup: We want neither the coup nor the one-man dictatorship!

The defeat of the coup alone does not mean that Turkey has a democracy.


Venezuela in crisis, U.S. intervenes

Venezuela's people are suffering the consequences of a parasitic elite, and their economy's over-reliance on oil extraction.


Australia elections: Right-wing Coalition holds onto power

Turnbull's Coalition only secured 42 percent of the popular vote and Labor 35 percent. An unprecedented 23 percent of voters rejected both major parties.


“We’re with Corbyn”: Stacey Guthrie’s mass art action in Cornwall, UK

One artist, dozens of messages written in the sands of Cornwall's beaches. What was it about?


Spain elections: Disappointment for the left, stalemate may continue

Unity continues to elude the Spanish left, even with a re-do of the 2015 elections.


Finnish Communist Party: Make people the purpose of politics

The Finnish Communist Party (SKP or CPF) held its Congress on June 4-5 in Turku, Finland.


Continued political instability challenges Spain’s left to unite

A failure by the left to unite will open the door for Europe's resurgent far right, whose xenophobia and racism have gained ground all over the continent.

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