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Argentine workers march against government’s neoliberal economic policies

This demonstration may presage a movement toward unity on the part of the country's traditionally split labor movement.


Solidarity Center documents wage theft in Zimbabwe

Workers in Zimbabwe are seeing their already-low wages stolen at alarming rates.


Senate votes to slash minimum wage for youth in Puerto Rico

"Over the last five years alone, more than 150 public schools have been shut down and the childhood poverty rate in Puerto Rico is now 58 percent."


Mexico teachers on the barricades: Protests result in death and injury

Southern Mexico is on fire with protest demonstrations after the government sent in heavily armed troops to suppress demonstrations.


France rising up against so-called labor law reform

French government mandates weakening important labor law protections are a key factor in the waves of protests that have rocked the nation.


Brazil coup a plot to cover up corruption among the plotters?

The scandal strongly suggests that Rousseff's impeachment was part of a conspiracy to cover up corruption among those who engineered her ouster.


May Day 2016 around the world

This year's celebration of May Day around the world saw an unprecedented level of unity against serious threats to workers.


Brazil's workers say, "Stay Dilma, there will be no coup!

To put it mildly, social policies implemented by the Workers Party-led government displeased the elite and reactionary middle class.


Portugal: Socialist government takes power with Left support

Antonio Luis Santos da Costa of the Socialist Party, forms a government with the support of the Communist, Ecologist (Green) and Left Bloc deputies in the national parliament.


South Africa: miners’ killing marked with call for unity

President Jacob Zuma called on South Africans to remember the 44 people killed at the Marikana platinum mine.

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