At some point in the development of all things, quantitative change gives way to qualitative change. This is evident in the transformation of water (liquid) into steam (gas). Heat is added to the water (quantitative change). The temperature of the water rises, but the water remains liquid. It remains liquid, that is, until its temperature reaches that critical point where its essence is transformed – it becomes steam (qualitative change). Thus the water has actually changed in quality from liquid to gas because of the increase in the quantity of heat applied to it.

This transformation can also be observed in the development of society. For instance, when televisions were first invented, few people could afford to own one. But as the price of TVs went down (quantitative change) and enough people’s disposable income went up (quantitative change) that TV ownership became commonplace, the Age of Television was born (qualitative change). Thus our society went from a time when radio was king to an era when the television became the primary means of mass communication due to a decrease in cost and an increase in income.

These transformations are occurring constantly. We are part of one right now. As the masses of people opposed to war against Iraq continue to increase (quantitative change), there will come a critical point in time when our peace thinking and growing demonstrations transform us into a material force on the world stage (qualitative change). No longer just disparate groups of protesters, we will become the global material force that has the power to stop this war and end all wars. To end all exploitation. To end all injustice. We will become the force to ensure a sane and just future, for all of the people of this planet, not just the privileged few.

The Tucson Club, Communist Party USA, can be reached at pww@pww.org. This article is from a flyer the club handed out at the annual Tucson Peace Fair.