Ceasefire scenes: Photos from the N.Y.C. student divestment encampments
Chalk messages at The New School: Divest from Death. | Taryn Fivek / People's World

People’s World reporter Taryn Fivek has been pounding the pavement all over Manhattan in recent days, covering the student divestment encampments at schools like Columbia, NYU, CCNY, CUNY, Hunter College, The New School, FIT, and others as well as embedding herself with marchers at a variety of ceasefire rallies and demonstrations. Below is the first instalment in a series of her photo collections documenting the movement in NYC.


City College of New York
‘The Five Demands’ – City College of New York
Labor for a Ceasefire; The New School
Displaying the colors; The New School
Keffiyehs in fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology.


Taryn Fivek
Taryn Fivek

Taryn Fivek is an adjunct lecturer with the economics department at John Jay College (CUNY) in New York City. She focuses on uneven economic and geographic development, financialization, neoliberalism, war, and capitalist crisis. Originally from the deep south, her professional background includes food server and delivery driver, copy editor, union organizer, barista, journalist, researcher, and public information officer with the International Organization for Migration.