Comparing Trump administration to alligators is insult to alligators
Alligator: South Carolina Depart. of Natural Resources | Trump: Richard Drew / AP

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Re: Trump draining the swamp: Another promise broken

Henry Lowendorf says:

I think it’s an insult to alligators to compare them with the parasites that Trump hires and those that support his policies. Swamps, unlike marsh or wetland, have the connotation of a putrid sewer to be avoided. Alligators don’t normally inhabit such swamps. The animal kingdom is full of wonderful species that sometimes get along with human civilization and sometimes do not. Alligators, snakes, rats have an important place in maintaining the natural world. Hooray for them; that’s nature. Humans are part of nature and it’s the case that human DNA contains patterns for both constructive and destructive behavior. Capitalism, a totally human creation, encourages very destructive behaviors. It is long overdue for us to stop insulting the natural world by comparing its denizens with those who destroy nature. It is thus long overdue for our writing to respect nature even while we struggle to erase capitalism’s parasites and the space they inhabit.


Re: Missouri Gov. Greitens slashes St. Louis’ $10 minimum wage down to $7.70

Peter Bugbee says:

I’m not thrilled with politicians in general regardless of which corrupt party they belong to, but these Republicans take the word ‘heartless’ to a new level. Every time the minimum wage goes up the economy improves. This is because when a min. wage worker gets a raise, they immediately spend it. Minimum wage earners don’t hoard their money, as the rich do. They don’t have that luxury. Rich people who hoard their money hurt the economy. Minimum wage workers put the money right back into the economy. It isn’t exactly rocket science. This governor must think EVERYONE is stupid.

Eric Greitens | AP

Re: Missouri Gov. Greitens slashes St. Louis’ $10 minimum wage down to $7.70

Cindy Bisch says:

It’s terrible that Koch Industries has such control of what used to be our government; this would never happen in a wealthy state. All the states need to unite and get Citizens United repealed / amended and get lobbyists kicked out of Washington for good. Our government needs to be taken back from the Koch brothers!


Re: Trump’s Scout speech likened by some to Hitler Youth rally

Ronald Logan says:

As a former scout and former scout leader, I cannot put in words how horrified I am as I witness the Boy Scouts of America becoming an ultra-right-wing religious hate group and a political tool for the authoritarian state. As much as I love this treasured American institution, I would see it shut down completely rather than let it fall into the hands of these corrupt politicians. The comparison to the Nazi Hitler Youth Corps is appropriate not just because of one speech, but because of a disturbing trend to politicize the organization. Shut it down. Shut it down before it becomes an unstoppable political tool of the authoritarian theocratic state.


Re: Lessons for 2018 from the Ossoff campaign in Georgia

Thomas Riggins says:

Just two comments—if you check polling info online you will find the majority of Americans want single-payer, so it is a good litmus test for whether a candidate should get progressive support and has a chance to win; maybe not in every case but in most. Second, “House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who, like Hillary Clinton, has been demonized with misogynistic attacks…” – we have to get over the myth that the attacks from the left on Pelosi and Clinton are motivated by misogynistic attitudes rather than on their pro-corporate losing stances which damage the progressive chances of defeating the Republicans. This article also should have brought up the centrality of the peace movement and drive towards war that is gripping the leadership of both parties. If we really want to Dump Trump we have to have a non-intervention emphasis re: the Middle East, Iran, North Korea, and the global South in general. We won’t beat the Republicans in 2018 or 2020 if the voters don’t see a clear and present choice based on repudiation of Trumpism and the Republican Party. And there just may be no place for the Clintons, Pelosi, and other right-wing Democrats—male or female—that don’t get with the progressive program.



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