Demonstration calls on Schumer to stand firm on health care

More than 75 people gathered in midtown Manhattan outside the office of NY Senator Charles Schumer on December 15 as the Senate debated the health care reform legislation, and CT Senator Joe Lieberman threatened to torpedo its public option component.

The Moveon demonstration called on Senator Schumer, who has supported the public option, to “stand strong for health care reform,” and was greeted by passing cars and taxis beeping their horns.

One Moveon organizer addressed the meeting, saying the “400,000 Moveon members in New York state are presenting Senator Schumer with a hard hat, so he can fight” the attack on the public option. The bright yellow hat was given to a representative from Schumer’s office who promised that the Senator would stand firm.

People chanted “Joe must go!” referring to Lieberman, and held signs reading, “We Can’t Afford to Wait,” 83% Love a Public Option,” “Public Option Now.” Moveon has several online campaigns on the health care battle, including one to raise a million dollars to educate Connecticut voters about Lieberman’s role. As of Wednesday morning, more than $600,000 had come in through online contributions.