There is much talk concerning the globilization of capital and the historic indifference many Americans are feeling towards using limited tactical nuclear weapons in the War on Terrorism.

As Marxist we have always viewed the world from an international perspective and for years consitently placed people before profits. Peace and the end of nuclear weapons has always been on the agenda of any progressive person’s list of things to do.

The recent moves by Gerorge Bush like are his previous precessors since Harry S Truman is considering using nuclear weapons against the nations of Iraq, Iran and North Korea. This kind of thinking is a danger to all working people and must be taken seriously.

It is time for the working peole of this nation and every nation to unite in a peace movement to totally abolish nuclear weapons forever. Use of nuclear weapons under no circumstances cannot be tolerated.

There are already dates set up to march in Washington D.C against the current war in Afganistan and to keep US hands off of Iraq, Iran and North Korea. It is time for all progrssive people to join in these demonstrations and begin a daily picketing of the White House to stop the bombing.

Students and workers all across the nation need to organize community meetings, teach-ins and begin walking door-to-door to confront our sisters and brothers of the reality of making plans for the use of nuclear weapons.

It is time once again for us to use all of our combined strength of the youth and the labor movement to move forward and
obtain the peace and freedom the people of the world need. America should not be bombing these countries. We should be truly helping these countries end their hunger, poverty and pain.