Halloween “treats” included voter registration forms
Photo: Art Perlo | PW

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Halloween here in Connecticut was a great opportunity to meet and talk with neighbors.

As parents shepherded groups up our street, they passed our lawn signs: “Bernie”, “Dump Trump—Vote Hillary,” and “Enough with the damn Emails!”

While we passed out oatmeal creme pies to the kids and admired their costumes, we gave their parents the Connecticut print edition of Peoples World, stuffed with a reprint of Jarvis Tyner’s article Defeat Trump, Defeat Racism and a flier comparing Clinton’s and trump’s positions on the issues. Then we asked the parents, “Are you registered to vote?”

Most were registered. One man proudly declared, “I just registered today.” One woman told us, “I love Bernie, but he’s not in the running now. Go Hillary!” Another declared, “Hillary’s my girl.” She’s excited at the prospect of a woman in the White House, and has been making phone calls for the campaign.

We got two new voter registrations, to be turned in the day after Halloween. November 1 is the last day for this type of registration, but Connecticut residents who miss the deadline can register vote in most towns at their town hall on election day (bring ID and proof of residence).

Registrars in Connecticut report record voter registration this year. In our neighborhood, people who haven’t voted in years are making sure they are registered. Several expressed indignation at FBI director Comey’s intervention, and showed a real determination to insure a big vote for Hillary.

The final score. Treats handed out: 55. Voter registrations: 4. And a whole lot of fun.




Art Perlo
Art Perlo

Art Perlo lived in New Haven, Conn., where he was active in labor and community struggles. He did research and writing on economic issues in Connecticut, including work with the Coalition to End Child Poverty in Connecticut which helped pave the way for the movement for progressive tax reform in the state. He wrote on national economic issues for the People's World and was a member of the CPUSA Economic Commission.